1st Annual
Lost Stirrup Lodge
High Altitude Fly-in

4th of July Weekend 2003
On the Ute Trail in Colorado


  (Click any picture for a larger view) 

9,295 ft. ... You gotta run! But, "Oh, what a view!"

Lifting off at nearly 10,000 ft was a bit of a challenge for even the veteran Albuquerque pilots.  But, well worth the effort.  Mornings at Lost Stirrup Lodge were cool and smooth.  Launching down wind and downhill in a 1-2 knot variable breeze turned out to be the best method to get up and enjoy the view.  It's very tempting to launch  uphill into a light breeze, but experience showed it was an exercise in  futility for everyone but Michelle Danielle.  She was able to perform this miraculous feat with here new Lady Bug paramotor after running nearly a quarter of a mile across the north forty!  Her comment, "I almost gave up!  But a little bump of lift finally got me up."  You go, girl!!

(Hairdo courtesy of Ron Greenwood)


Ring-around-the-lodge with me and Bill Werntz

Jerry took Randy, Donna and me to some of his old arrowhead hunting haunts near Salida.  Donna thrives on arrowhead hunting.  You could say, "She has the fever!"  She out-did all of us and then insisted on leaving her finds at the lodge for others to enjoy.

The next day found Bill Bishop, Jerry Danielle (American Flyer), daughter Jordan and me arrowhead hunting at the Indian Caves.  Randy and Donna road their 4 wheeler RTV to another area to explore.

This is my favorite picture.

Shear relaxation.  (Pardon the pun!)

Ray taking a well deserved nap.

Kids were welcome, too.  Jerad and Stephanie had to leave early, but Jerad had an incredible flight to over 13,000 ft.!

Ron and his new Honda 90

Ron Greenwood and his new bride Mary Ann were a welcome site when they showed up unexpectedly!  Ron was our wind dummy most of the time.  I learn a lot every time we fly together.

Day 3, we went 5 miles East to Poncha Park and launched in 8-10 mph wind.
These were the only reverse launches we did.
(Except for one Ron did on an earlier day
in air I would have sworn was way too light.)

Landing on un-level terrain was a bit of a challenge.  I discovered that landing uphill causes you to flare too late and downhill can leave you hanging 10 feet off the ground because you have a tendency to flair too soon!  I made Jerry and Michelle a tidy sum replacing broken props.  It's like we always say in this sport, "When you mess up, we don't reach for the first aid kit.  We reach for our wallet!"

Randy with a $200.00 Toothpick
(Thanks to breaking my 4th prop in 2 weeks)

Rancher Ray

Ray Launching At Sunset (Great colors!!)

Ray L. and Bill W. Over The Lodge

Ray In The Clouds

Pictures I just had to include...



"Adios", until the next Lost Stirrup Lodge gathering.
"Ya'll come back!  Ya hear?!"

Bob (Bubba) and Jeanie Peters


Sunset from the deck.


Want to learn how to powered paraglide, too?

Call Jerry and Michelle Danielle of American Flyer to make it all happen.